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megbish14 on eBay

Hey guys, I’m still selling some stuff on eBay, and I just listed my old iPhone 4S with all kinds of extras if anyone is interested c:

Just click “See All Items” if you can’t find the iPhone post.

I bought these three during the $5 sale at Yankee Candle a few weeks ago :) Pink sands, ocean star, and north pole are my favorite scents from there, but since north pole is seasonal I picked out french vanilla instead.

I swear I was the most productive I have ever been in years when I first moved into this place, but as soon as I got wifi that just disappeared. I had yesterday off work as well as today, and I know I need to go grocery shopping… Publix is literally less than a quarter of a mile down the road, yet I still just can’t get myself off of the couch and away from the damn internet. DAMN YOU INTERNET AND POOR SELF CONTROL D:<

And this was to the left.

So glad it never reached our spot. I’ve been living in Florida my whole life and it still amazes me how completely different the weather can be within 5 minutes.

This is from when I went to NSB with David a few weeks before we moved.

This picture was what we saw to the right of where we were sitting.

I was super bored while I didn’t have wifi so I searched through my photos and edited a few that I hadn’t posted, so here’s a bunch of photos from past adventures.