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After strolling along Park Ave for a couple hours we went to Ethos for lunch. I usually get the same thing every time (the chickun bruschetta sandwich) because it is just soooo damn good, but this time I decided to finally try a pizza and I was definitely not disappointed. The toppings I chose were zucchini, mushrooms, and chickun. And of course I added a bunch of crushed red pepper to give it some spice ;)

Btw, this is completely vegan.


Full of energy, resourceful Scorpio is a water sign who keeps much hidden beneath the surface. Possessing an immeasurable curiosity, the scorpion is highly intuitive, fearlessly pursuing the answers to life’s essential questions. Scorpio seeks intense, profound connections with others that match their incredible passion and power.

My first Alex and Ani bangle! I chose the Scorpio one because I am obviously a Scorpio. Bought in the Alex and Ani store on Park Avenue in Winter Park.

As for a small review of these bracelets: I think they are super cute and I definitely do want more in the future. They are very sturdy and don’t feel cheap; the charms have some good weight to them. I also like the cute little jingly sound they make when they move. My only problem with them is that I have super tiny wrists, so even when I squeeze the bangle as small as it can go I can still fit 3 fingers between it and my wrist, which also means it can easily slip over my hand and fall off if I’m not careful. But I have noticed if I wear both of my bracelets at once they kind of criss-cross over each other which helps them stay on a little better, so I guess that means I need more :P


In 1931 gambling was legalized in Las Vegas, and in the following decades the city was populated with lavish hotels and casinos offering top-quality entertainment. A place where fantasy becomes reality and imagination is limitless, the legendary neon studded “Strip” of dazzling hotels, dramatic architecture and over-the-top, world-class spectacles is unforgettable. Embrace limitless possibility when you wear the Las Vegas Charm, and celebrate a city that is truly fabulous.

I actually bought this bangle first, but since it arrived after I bought my Scorpio one I will just say this is my second. When I first became interested in these bracelets I found this one and saw it was sold out online and in most stores, so I luckily found someone selling a few on eBay. I guess they had bought them at a store and kept to sell later, so yes this one is definitely authentic.

I chose Las Vegas because I have been there twice and I am absolutely in love with this city. I can’t even begin to describe all the things I love about it, there is just so many reasons why it is amazing. I am hoping to visit again since I was younger than 18 and with my parents the two times I have gone, I also lost all my photos that I had taken when my old desktop computer decided to die on me. So once I’m all moved out and have all my financials under control I will definitely be saving up for another Vegas trip ;)

On Monday I had to take David to the DMV, so while we near the area we decided to go take a walk down Park Avenue. I found out there was an Alex & Ani store there and I bought my first bracelet. I also had ordered another one online a few days earlier and it had arrived while I was out, so when I got home I had two! :)

I finally ran out of my favorite Falsies mascara so I decided to try something new. I kept seeing reviews about this and I was really interested since it’s organic and vegan, and I’ve been transitioning to a vegan lifestyle since the beginning of April. I bought it at a nearby Ulta for about $10 and wore it for the first time yesterday. I really liked it and it stayed on without any kind of flaking or running for the six hours I was out in the bipolar Florida weather where it was sunny and super hot, then pouring rain (I was under an umbrella of course, this isn’t water proof), and then back to sunny and humid.

I would definitely recommend this mascara, especially since this one in particular has the curved brush I’m used to from the Falsies mascara. Plus this brush is a lot smaller than most of the other Organic Wear mascara brushes, so it’s a little better for people with smaller eyes like me.